Random Shots episode 1 – Top Star Wars Characters (Show Notes)

Show Notes!! Links to information discussed on Random Shots Episode 1

Listen to Random Shots episode 1 – Top Star Wars Characters

Goonies R Good Enough video

“Star Cruiser Crash” scene from the Ewok TV move

Jay and Silent Bob vs Mark Hamill

The original Emperor from “Empire Strikes Back”

The infamous “Nooooooo!” Scene

Episode 1 with Jar Jar cut out is known as The Phantom Edit

Article about the prequels edited into a single movie

Everything wrong with Episode 4 featuring Kevin Smith

Return of the Jedi ghosts vs Happy Gilmore Ghosts

Characters mentioned (in Random order.. you have to listen to get our picks!)

Kylo Ren

Han Solo

Admiral Ackbar


Darth Vader

Boba Fett


Maz Kanata (we found out later this was the “Other Yoda”, also here’s the fan theory video mentioned)


Barf the Mog from “Spaceballs”

Han Solo in Carbonite


Emperor Palpatine


Darth Maul

Wedge Antilles

Luke Skywalker


Obi-Wan Kenobi


Princess Leia

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