Random Shots Podcast Episode 10 Show Notes

Links to information discussed on Random Shots Episode 10 – Top Sports & Romantic Movies, Dating Stories

Episode Page

Our “End Credits song” was “The Top 10 Things to Never Say on a First Date” by MC Lars. Brought to you by the FuMP (The Funny Music Project) at http://www.thefump.com

Artist page: http://www.mclars.com
Song Page: http://www.thefump.com/fump.php?id=1989

Movies mentioned (in Random Order)
Bull Durham
The Karate Kid
The Wrestler
The Wedding Singer
The Story of Us
The Princess Bride
The Birdcage
Love Actually
Ready 2 Rumble
About Time
When Harry Met Sally

If you’d like us to share anything mentioned in the episode that we missed, please contact us.

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