Random Shots Podcast Episode 31 Show Notes

Links to information discussed on Random Shots Episode 31 – Random Shots Reboot / Top Reboots!!

Episode Page – Listen to the episode here!

Opening song was “Suburban Outlaw” by “Forget the Whale”.

Follow “Forget the Whale” on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Forgetthewhale

The “End Credits Song” was “” by Insane Ian. Brought to you by the FuMP (The Funny Music project) @ http://www.thefump.com

Visit Insane Ian, see his shows, get his music, at: http://insaneian.com/

Reboots mentioned in the ep
I will add them soon!

..and many more!! Tune in!!

YouTube links
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This is Duck Duck Go search! I will add links soon.

If you’d like us to share anything mentioned in the episode that we missed, please contact us.

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