Random Shots Podcast Episode 37 Show Notes

Links to information discussed on Random Shots Episode 37 – Top Disney Animated Movies (recorded Nov 2019)

Episode Page – Listen to the episode here!

Opening song was “Suburban Outlaw” by “Forget the Whale”.  Follow “Forget the Whale” on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Forgetthewhale

“End Credits Song” was “Disneyland” by Steve Goodie

Random Disney animated films mentioned in the episode, among other things
Monsters Inc.
Brother Bear
Lonesome Ghosts (short film featuring Mickey, Donald, and Goofy)
Nightmare Before Xmas
Lady and the Tramp
Little Mermaid
Emperor’s new Groove
The word “Lackadaisical”
The Incredibles
Robin Hood
Chicken Little

..and many more!! Tune in!!

YouTube links:

An ad about a box of poop that may have been mentioned (or edited out)


This was found while researching obscure Disney films, turned out to be a hoax of course, but still an entertaining read.

The Fisher Price Movie Viewer toy that “Lonesome Ghosts” was watchable on


If you’d like us to share anything mentioned in the episode that we missed, please contact us.

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