Random Shots Podcast Episode 40 Show Notes

Links to information discussed on Random Shots Episode 40 – Top Super Powers and More!!

Episode Page – Listen to the episode here!

Opening song was “Suburban Outlaw” by “Forget the Whale”.  Follow “Forget the Whale” on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Forgetthewhale

“End Credits Song” was the beginning part of The Day My Powers Arrived by Kirby Krackle.  Support this artist!!!

Random Super Powers mentioned in the episode, among other things
MLB Player Albert Pujols
Facebook Messenger news
METV channel and The Horror Host Svengoolie
The Adam Sandler skit “Toll Booth Willie”
WWE fan news
Healing powers
Super Learning
Control of Machines
Super Speed
Super Jump
Stopping time
Energy Manipulation/Absorption

..and many more!! Tune in!!

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If you’d like us to share anything mentioned in the episode that we missed, please contact us.

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