1st Annual Nerd Madness: DC/Marvel Hero Edition, Part One (Random Shots Podcast Episode 12)

1st Annual Nerd Madness: DC/Marvel Hero Edition.  In which our heroes start a Superhero March Madness Bracket.  We pick the top 8 Marvel, and Top 8 DC heroes.. and for “Top Shelf”, we each choose wild card picks, who then battle the top 16 in the first round of the tournament!!  To Be Continued…, so stay tuned to the same Bat-Time, same Bat-Channel for the next episode!

Links: Click here to see the DC/Marvel Superhero Bracket in a separate browser window! (Each Sheet displays the picks for each round so you can follow along)
Show notes (link to view info discussed on this episode)
Random Shots Podcast website.
Our “End Credits song” was “Superfriends” by Devo Spice

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